GW2 creative challenge: final write-up

OKAY. enough of letting this sit around sad and neglected on my computer, dammit! I tried to add some prompt suggestions (in italics) to help give writers a springboard, as requested — there’s 21 prompts, and I’m too brain-fried to think of any more. if you have a suggestion, please fling it at me!

EDIT: I hadn’t intended this to be the final list, but oops! guess it is now :D feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions about a prompt!

list as it stands behind the cut:

  1. Your main character. (Perhaps a turning point in their life, or some other significant event?)
  2. A moment that helped you decide that you love [or hate] your favourite [or most hated] species (race or creature).
  3. A personal story mission. (Any character, quest, and/or interpretation.)
  4. A renown heart.
  5. Your favourite/least favourite location in Tyria. (Territories not accessible in GW2 yet are fine, too! Crystal Desert or Jade Maw, anyone?)
  6. Your favourite/least favourite capital city in Tyria — Lion’s Arch, Divinity’s Reach, Rata Sum, the Black Citadel, Hoelbrak or the Grove. (What was your character’s first impression of Lion’s Arch? Did your character grow up in a city?)
  7. The best (or worst) experience of a character.
  8. Vigil, Order of Whispers, Durmand Priory, or the whole Pact? Or maybe none of them! (What made your character decide? What do they do to serve their order? Has it been what they expected?)
  9. A world boss - i.e. the Shatterer, Shadow Behemoth, Risen Priest of Balthazar, Megadestroyer. (Has your character encountered any, or only heard about them? Have they fought one?)
  10. Your favourite/least favourite NPC. (Something from their point of view? Or has your character met them? What was their impression of this NPC?)
  11. Dream gear/item! Perhaps it’s a full armour set, or legendary weapon, or ascended ring, or maybe just an event-only minipet or Celestial dye. (Has your character received this item, and what hardships did they face to get it? Or did they just spot it once from afar and had to have it?)
  12. Species-swap your character. (Maybe your charr just woke up one day as a human? Or perhaps your twitchy, fast-talking asura thief might just be better suited as a skritt?)
  13. Slash time! A pairing you like - canon or not, serious hardcore OTP or just silly fun.
  14. Your favourite/least favourite profession or crafting. (What made your engineer decide to be an engineer? Perhaps your character tried their hardest but just can’t get the hang of jewelry-crafting!)
  15. A dungeon - story, experience, fractals, or temporary content such as the Molten Facility or Ascent to Madness. (How did your character fare when they accompanied Destiny’s Edge through the Citadel of Flame? Did your character enjoy Tixx’s festive village or are they traumatised by the princess dolls?)
  16. Surprise gift! Do something for someone else! Draw their character or include them in a story!
  17. How does your character feel about other race(s)? (Does your human hate charr? Does your character find quaggan endearing or headache-inducing?)
  18. Self-insert — Go nuts. (Did you step through the wrong wardrobe? Would you be an asura or a hylek?)
  19. First day of adventure for your character!
  20. Your character’s family and/or friends. (What was it like growing up as an only child; or with five younger siblings? Do they know who their parents are? Perhaps they consider their family to be their close friends rather than biological relations?)
  21. Two or more of your characters interacting. If you only have one, borrow one from a friend! (Did they just meet? Perhaps they’re friends or related? Do they sit around sharing war stories over a few pints of ale, or do they end in fisticuffs?)

I wanted to set ‘best’ or ‘favourite’ categories to go either way (fav or most hated?) so there’s no focus on negative aspects, but space for angst-lovers (like me) to illustrate a traumatising experience for their character or something.

these aren’t meant to be necessarily just one character, but I also don’t see why someone couldn’t focus on a single char.

I also don’t want to a daily challenge, so that people are free to mix and match if they choose! do 21 separate entries/projects, or combine four of them into one story.

and again this is meant as an open-ended creative challenge: “favourite profession” could result in a piece of jewellery; “fav pairing” could be three pages of Rytlock/Logan smut; “favourite city” could be a remix of “Fear Not This Night”; “self-insert” could be a drawing of yourself in your favourite armour set; so on & so forth!

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